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*** Young Player's Pages ***

Instructor: Andrew S. Rosz

The little girl pictured below was one of my former tennis students from many years ago.  After training under my exclusive direction for several years, she learned to hit the ball better than, harder than, and more accurate than most adults with strokes that were technically perfect.  And now as an adult, she has risen to become a top tournament player with a total strategic mastery of the game.

And if by chance you happen to know of a talented young tennis player age 3 to 16 who aspires to become among the best, please direct them toward this webpage and to my Youth Excellence Tennis Program.  In this program, he or she will learn to play championship tennis with technically perfect strokes.  He or she will also learn to avoid many common tennis problems often overlooked by less-qualified tennis teachers and coaches.  Some of these more common tennis problems and their fixes are presented below...


Ready Position

mvc-001f.jpg (35207 bytes) mvc-002f.jpg (26683 bytes)
- Not balanced
- Feet not spread enough
- Racket not pointing low
- Hitting arm not straight
- Elbows not raised
- Hunched over forward
- Knees not bent
- Balanced
- Feet spread apart
- Racket head pointing low
- Hitting arm straight
- Elbows raised
- Not hunched over
- Knees slightly bent

Forehand Backswing

mvc-003f.jpg (35207 bytes) mvc-004f.jpg (26683 bytes)
- Not sideways enough
- Bent wrist stroke
- Racket too far back
- Left hand pointing up
- Hitting elbow too low
- Feet not parallel
- Tongue not in mouth
- Fingernails not pointing up
- Adequately sideways
- Hitting arm is straight
- Racket to 4 o'clock
- Left hand palm down
- Hitting elbow raised
- Feet parallel
- Tongue in mouth
- Fingernails pointing up

Forehand Followthrough

mvc-005f.jpg (35207 bytes) mvc-006f.jpg (26683 bytes)
- Right foot not rotated
- Left foot twisted
- Hitting elbow too far forward
- TM1 not facing forward
- Not balanced
- Not ready for next ball
- Trigger finger not evident
- Right foot swings around
- Left foot is supportive
- Hitting elbow retracted
- TM1 facing forward
- Balanced
- Clearly ready for next ball
- Trigger finger clearly evident
- Hitting arm is straight
- Left hand catching properly

Backhand Backswing

mvc-007f.jpg (35207 bytes) mvc-008f.jpg (26683 bytes)
- Not balanced
- Feet twisted
- Right shoulder not raised
- Left wrist not pointing low
- Racket not open enough
- Racket too far out from body
- Right elbow not raised
- Balanced
- Feet not twisted
- Right shoulder raised
- Left wrist pointing racket low
- Racket open
- Racket closer in to body
- Right elbow pointing up

Backhand Followthrough

mvc-009f.jpg (35207 bytes) mvc-010f.jpg (26683 bytes)
- Left foot lagging behind
- Right foot twisted
- Incorrect left-hand grip
- Bent-wrist followthrough
- Left wrist not curled inward
- Fingernails not visible
- Not balanced
- Not ready for next shot
- Left foot comes around
- Right foot not twisted
- Correct left-hand grip
- Straightened followthrough
- Left wrist curled inward
- Fingernails clearly visible
- Balanced
- Ready for next shot

Service Ready Position

mvc-011f.jpg (35207 bytes) mvc-012f.jpg (26683 bytes)
- Not hanging
- Not motionless
- Both feet flat on ground
- Unnatural stance
- Hitting arm too close to body
- Left hand not rotated open
- Ball meeting racket
- TM1 not facing forward
- Hanging
- Motionless
- Both feet properly positioned
- Balanced
- Hitting arm away from body
- Left hand rotated open
- Hitting arm low and open
- TM1 properly oriented

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